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Ever since I was a child I was quite fond of the sport of basketball, I loved to play, read, and watch the sport during my pastime. One of the most popular basketball blogs out on the internet is hang times blog by NBA analyst Sekou Smith which is featured on The blog talks about all types of news occurring in the basketball world both off and on the court. Sekou Smith shares his knowledge of the sport by evaluating teams, trades, and players and other events up-to-date in the NBA. While going through the blog I came across an eye catching article titled “Pierce not done with Boston….. Yet?” This really caught my attention since Paul Pierce is my favourite NBA superstar ever since I was a child and I was mesmerized on how he played the sport. I decided to choose this article rather than the other ones since Paul Pierce had been recently traded away from Boston Celtics to the Brooklyn Nets and had been on all the news headlines around the nation.

This article focuses on Paul Pierce and whether he will return to his former team Boston Celtic in some way and help the team raise another championship banner in their city. Even though he is in a different team he continues to show loyalty towards the association by constantly showing respect and recognizing them through social media. Paul Pierce spent his entire career as a Celtic but had to be traded away to the Brooklyn Nets for business reasons. People believed that Paul Pierce left his former team so he could win another championship with another team. Was it really so he could add another championship towards his collection? Or was it so he could support his previous team out in the near future? However, while it has not been possible to provide definite answers to these questions unless the presidents of both teams decide to give everyone answers. Sekou Smith tries to elucidate to the audience that Paul Pierce will return to his prior team even though his career is slowly coming to an end. The audience that the writer is trying to target in this article are both the Boston Celtics and Paul Pierce fan bases. He is trying to soothe these fans by reminding them that this will not be the last time they see their former leader in green and white and letting them know all the sacrifices he made to make the organization where it is today. He decided to target this audience rather than the entire NBA universe since he realized that these two fan bases have been affected the worse out of everyone. The sole purpose of this article is to bring hope back inside the Boston Celtics fan base after their loss of three superstars in the offseason. The