Essay about Brand Management

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Case Study Answers:

1. Brands they use
a) Think about the life stories of our three informants and the quotes regarding the brands they use .Is it appropriate to say that these consumers have formed relationships with the brands they know and use? In what ways yes, in what ways no?
She has formed relationships with the following brands: a. Revere Ware: Best stainless steel pot she has ever bought because the spaghetti sauce she cooks doesn’t burn in it and stick to the bottom; she bought one for her daughter too. b. Pastene Tomatoes: The best “Kitchen Ready” canned tomatoes she has ever used because they taste the best; the tomatoes are perfect, nice and ripe. c. Philip Berio: It is the best because it
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Ivory Soap/Shampoo/Conditioner: She internalized the brand when she was in her teens because she felt the brand exhibited the characteristics of being Natural and Wholesome. b. Crest: She used the Crest brand of toothpaste because she felt it was most effective for her mouth. c. Soft n’ Dry: She had to have that brand all the time otherwise she felt nervous. d. Revlon (Intimate Musk): After trying a lot of scents Vicki settled for Intimate Musk as it became her absolute favourite. e. Giorgio: The scent was her “Get Noticed” scent. f. Opium: She wore this scent at night and felt that Opium became a part of her identity. g. Victoria’s Secret: The feminineness of the brand attracted her; she could wear floral designs. h. Maidenform: The brand she wore regularly. i. Aveda Elixir: Vicki used Aveda Elixir shampoo and conditioner; she liked the earthy smell of the brand.
She has not formed relationships with the following brands: a. Jordache Love Musk: She tried the scent but settled for a different brand. b. Tetley Tea Bags: A first time purchase; a kind which her mother sent her (probably sentimental reasons. c. Metadent: Toothpaste she is trying out but makes her mouth feel as if she is at a hygienist’s clinic.
b) What kinds of connections form between consumers and their closely-held brands?
Knowledge about the brand – its product and functions of