Essay on Breaking Bad

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Bonnie Humpherys

March 19, 2014

Lit 112



Throughout the series Breaking Bad, the law plays an important part in the development of the characters. While there are many characters that are strictly on one side of the law, Hank and Walter seem to toggle between the two different sides. Throughout this episode there are a few examples of the law that can be examined. Along with the connections being made to the law, this episode contains many symbols and motifs that represent an issue a greater issue or connection to society.
There are many instances when the law can work for or against a person. As Hank becomes closer to finding the RV he becomes very dedicated, causing him to almost break the law. This can be examined in the scene where he follows Jesse to the yard and almost breaks into the vehicle. (33:00) This scene in the episode shows how law enforcement officials can jump on both sides of the law to get “justice.” Although they may not always morally intend to break the law, they are often faced with an ethical dilemma upon making an arrest. In this episode the fourth amendment is referred to and protects Walt from getting caught by Hank. As a viewer, this scene represented a greater issue in society that is often overlooked. Generally Hank was very surprised that the yard owner was aware of his right and the limitations the police have due to the 4th amendment, thus causing him to get a warrant.
Walt came very close to getting caught by Hank, very similar to the feeling we get