broken heart Essay

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Your heart drops. You don’t have to turn your head to know who it is. He sits down beside you and you try to act like you don’t want to burst out in tears. You talk to your friend like any other day, pretending like nothing has changed. Class has begun and things start to become quiet. The teacher tries to lecture but without realizing it, you have already zoned him out. You struggle as you try to keep your mind away from the thought of what happened the day before. You don’t understand how someone who became so close to you so fast, became a stranger even faster. Trying to distract yourself you attempt to get involved in class. The teacher tells everyone to go through their notes, as you do your eye catches a little note he had written on your paper. In your head you read those two words he scribbled down “you’re gorgeous.” Your lip starts to quiver and you feel that burning sensation, as you slow down your breathing trying to keep your eyes from filling with tears.
You don’t want him to know that you’re still hurt. Although you’re not hurt, you’re broken. You look around as you begin to realize that in those few weeks you both created memories everywhere. He wants to be friends, you don’t want to lose him from your life. Being friends seems impossible, it sounds like a tease. The thought of hanging out with him like before but knowing that things are not the same devastates you. Class ends and he gets up and leaves, but not like every other day. This time he doesn’t…