Essay on Buddhism: Buddhism and Lower Rebirth

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The chief learnings that I have learned from this session was that to practice Dharma means to apply Buddha’s teachings in your daily life and its purpose is to enable us to attain permanent liberation from lower rebirth and is the world's most ancient culture and the religion of over one billion of the earth's inhabitants. Dharma is an understanding of nature and oneself which gives peace to the atman or soul and elevates oneself to the higher chakras, and one lives life in higher energy fields,. The personal goal of every follower of Dharma is to live life in such a way that he or she harms none and benefits all whom he or she meets.

This session elucidated that at present we are human and free from lower rebirth, but this is only a temporary and not a permanent liberation from lower rebirth. Until we gain a deep realization of refuge, we shall have to take lower rebirth again and again in countless future lives. She also taught that we can attain permanent liberation from lower rebirth by sincerely relying upon the Three Jewels: Buddha – the source of all refuge, Dharma – the realization of Buddha’s teachings, and Sangha – pure Dharma practitioners who help us with our spiritual practice. Most Indians are taught these principles when they are young so that they remain a deep rooted and integral part of the child's philosophical and ethical system.

I imagine that the Dharma is like medicine that prevents the sufferings of the three lower realms,