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Buddy system
-Did you like helping someone else to study? Yes
It improves the study of another, at least a little. And it makes me feel better about myself, to know that I have this ability to give hand to another. Also, I can review something that I learned before to refresh my brain.
-Were you satisfied with your buddy’s performance in the test? Yes
I think they both did a very good job. They have great talent in programming. When they doing the writing test, what they have to say are expressed in prose of exceptional lucidity. And they can do even better.
-Would you like to be a buddy again? Yes
Take the time to teach someone a skill I know is a great thing. As long as I have this ability to help someone, I would like to be a buddy again. But honestly, I’m not very good at programming, I’m afraid my skill is not enough to be a buddy again, but I would try my best.
-Would you be willing to help someone else if you couldn’t gain a mark for it? Yes
Take a few minutes and do a kindness for another person. It can be something small, or something big. Put a smile on someone’s face, and if that kindness is passed on, it can multiply, and multiply.
-Would you do differently if you had to help the same buddy again?
I would still try my best to teach them things I know and help them.
-How could you use the experience learnt from the computer science buddy system in the future?
I learned to be patient with people and I think this would definitely be useful in the future.