Bullying Research Paper

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Leticia Rios
Professor Doyen
English B1a
25 November 2013
An End to Bullying
There is an alarming increase of individuals who are bullied in today’s society. Bullying is sort of an aggressive behavior against others. Whether it is physically or mentally it is bullying. Introverts are more likely to be bullied because they are vulnerable. Bullying others can lead to physical, emotional, and social effects towards the victims. In some cases bullying itself can become an everlasting cycle because sometimes victims turn into bullies themselves. There are various types of bullying that occur in school, work, and just about anywhere one can imagine. It can happen to just about anyone as well. Prevention of this issue should be taken accountable and taken action of, for it can eliminate future incidents. Bullying should be taken as a serious issue for it causes extreme harm in many ways and should have an end to it.
Bullying is when an individual is harmed or humiliated because they are thought to be weak and vulnerable. In Cyber Bulling: Protecting Kids and Adults from Online Bullies, Samuel C. McQuade et al state forms of bullying which are, “name-calling, shoving, tripping, kicking, spitting, knocking books out of a classmate’s hands, making threats, fistfights, hang-up phone calls, threatening messages, bad-mouthing, spreading malicious gossip...”(2). Bullying occurs in different types of ways such as physical, verbal, and cyber. Physical bullying are negative interactions that a bully has towards a victim, for example, pushing, hitting, and slapping. Any intended physical activity that is done harms the victim. In many cases the victim never physically interacts back when being bullied, for the victim is scared in doing so and lets it happen many times. Another type is verbal. Verbal bullying is when negative comments are being said towards the person which is the victims. Negative comments at times hurt more the negative physical behavior. Another type of bullying that has become an issue is cyberbullying. Cyberbullying is a type of bullying that happens through electronics, phones, and computers. While some individuals believe that cyberbullying might provide distance between the individual and the victim, it can lead to negative effects more so then in person. In the book “Childhood and Adolescence” by Spencer A. Rathus, he states “[it has been found that] some children are bullied electronically rather than in person” (439). This indicates that as much as people who are bullied in person are also bullied on social networks. Also, it is easier to target them electronically, for it is harder to stop the bully from doing so. In “Cyber Bullying among Finnish Adolescents-A Population Based Study” Pirijo L. Indfors et al., state, “Cyber bullying has several specific features that may intensify its harmful effects, including the difficulty in escaping from the bullying, the magnitude of the potential audience, the anonymity of the bully, and the ability to attack at any time and any place” (1). For instance, it is inevitable to stop text messages and messages on social networks. No one has control of what others can see or post online, for one being bullied online can encourage others to bully the victim as well. It can lead to an extreme measure of harm for no control is upon the victim electronically. Anyone can be a target of becoming bullied. The bullies have the direct discussion in whom they want to bully for no one has the power in choosing who they target. A bully can be a friend, enemy, mother, father, or teacher. It can be just about anyone. One can be target for just about anything the other individual sees or think wrong of the target. Things like the way one looks, dresses, talks, as well with their sexuality or color of their skin, they just choose anything. They tend to target those who seem to be beneath them and weaker, for they know they will always be above them. Giving the bullies the idea of always