Essay Zero Tolerance for Cyber Bullying

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Stop CyberBullying
Do I think all schools should enforce a no tolerance policy against cyber bullying? Yes, because it seems that zero tolerance is the best way to avoid cyber bullying. Zero tolerance means absolutely no mercy for students when accused of doing something wrong. I feel like if your going to bully someone on the phone or internet you should have some kind of punishment. So people will learn their lesson to stop cyber bullying. If every school is going to have a zero tolerance for bullying they all should be treated the same regardless of the circumstances.
Cyber Bullying is bullying that takes place using electronic technology. Examples of cyberbullying is sending texts messages or emails, spreading rumors on social networks, and sending embarrassing pictures. This happens to almost anyone, children's, teenagers, and even adults. Cyber Bullying can change or ruin a person's life. Kids can be mentally scared if they are often teased on the internet all the time. Even worse they can be killed or fatally injured if the bullying gets out of control. Bullying is destroying the lives and futures to many innocent people. Sufferers of bullying may end up dead because of bullying. Aside from their physical harms, there is also mental harm. Kids may become depressed from being bullied. They may refuse to eat, become suicidal, or in return bully other kids to make themselves feel better. Commonly, there are incidents were bullied students go to school and kill and injure many people and then they end up killing themselves.
Kids who are victims of bullying may have low self esteem and health problems, or tend to skip school and receive poor grades. Drug and alcohol is likely used by kids who are bullied. Bullying is a serious problem which leaves victims helpless and overwhelmed.
However, I feel like if your always getting bullied and it doesn't seem to stop let someone