Bullying: Suicide and Children Essays

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Analyzing a Major Issue
Bullying is a major issue in your country today. Many people think to themselves what does bullying really mean. “Bullying is an unwanted aggressive behavior among school age children that involves a real perceived power imbalanced”. (Stop Bullying) Bullying happens all over our country and happens in many different places. Here are some examples of Bullying teasing, name calling, inappropriate sexual comments, taunting, and threating to cause harm. As you can see bullying has many different forms. Bullying does not have to be right in front of a person. People could be spreading rumors, bad-mouthing a person and that still considered bullying. Now a day with the technology children and teens are being bullied by the phone, texting, emailing and video recordings. Bullying does not only have to take place in our schools. It takes place with sport groups, youth groups and yes it does take place with our adults in the work place. Yes its true bullying does happen among adults also in the work force. It seems weird and wrong because we are all adults and should know better but it’s true it happens. Bullying is also taking place with our seniors in their groups, nursing homes and senior living facility’s. Being bullied has many effects on children and teens. Some might become depressed and think that they aren’t loved, which will also play a toll on them always feeling sad. Anxiety could also become a problem with a child or teen because they won’t want to go to school because they will fear about getting bullied and that no one likes them. Children’s sleeping and eating habits could also change for them. When someone is being bullied they start to think that they are worthless and don’t take care of themselves since no one likes me. A child’s grades and work could decrease and they don’t feel like doing it. (That would be another example of the child thinking they are worthless).Some children become self-consciousness about themselves because of being made fun of. They feel that they aren’t pretty or cute, not good enough for people to like them. Children’s self-esteem also would go away because with being made fun of, once again they feel that they aren’t good enough. Not good enough to be a good student, athlete, boyfriend, girlfriend, and also not a good friend. Children and teens should have a good self-esteem so they can achieve the goals that they have in life. No child should go thru what kids go thru now a days. Researching about bullying and talking with parents that kids are being bullied, they have expressed also that the students don’t want to go to school and more. Some have even said they want to drop out of school. Bullying statistics 2010 say bullying (Stop Bullying, Harrassment, and Violence , 2009)is a crime that is not going away anytime soon. They are saying the 2.7 million students are being bullied each year. This defiantly shows that too many students are being bullied; they should have to deal with this. In your country on in four students are being bullied on a daily basis. Every day there are students that are witnessing these students being bullied and aren’t doing anything to help them. Students don’t want to get involved because they feel if they do then they will become a victim of bullying. Sources have said that 54 percent of students that are doing the bullying are witnessing it at home and coming to school thinking if their parents can then they can. This is another reason we have the school violence that we have. Our children and teens shouldn’t have to go thru with all this. They should be able to go to school and feel safe. Schools should have things at schools to teach the parents about bullying. They should even have training sessions for our educators about bullying so they can stop it. Our teachers are seeing it more than us parents do during school hours. Parents and schools should take a stand and help out our children who are