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Pauline Gilmore
Case Study 1: Examining Emotions,
Attitudes, and Job Satisfaction
Dr. McGrath
BUS 520
January 30, 2015


When examining emotions, attitudes, and job satisfaction one approach many consider is the Trader Joe approach. The Trader Joe approach is to promote a positive work environment for it's employee's. It does this three different ways, insuring the ability to increase job satisfaction and performance. The three ways of achieving this are that trader Joe's manager's are hired from within the company, trader Joe's earn more than competitors, and they also encourage their staff to enjoy the products as a way of providing good service. First, the employee's earn more. Trader Joe's earn considerably more than their counterparts and other groceries chains. They offer benefits such as medical, vision, dental, company paid retirement, paid vacation, and a 10% employee discount. Secondly, manager's for Trader Joe's are hired from within the organization.
Future leaders of Trader Joe's are enrolled in training programs such as Trader Joe's
University that helps foster them into loyalty that's necessary to run stores according to both company and customer expectations, teaching managers to embrace their part timer's with the customer focused attitude shopper's expect to see. Lastly, they encourage the workers to enjoy the products of the company. They encourage their employees to taste and learn about the products and to engage customers to share what they've experienced. How Trader Joe's promote from within the company; everyone starts as a crew member. They are the heart and soul of the company. Crew members work the cash register, receive and unload deliverers, stock shelves, build displays, clean, answer questions about the company and make sure every customer has a fun, friendly and


comfortable shopping experience. Once they demonstrate a deep commitment they can then be promoted within. The levels of employees are as follows: crew > merchant > captain > office crew. Some of the ways the organization use their management is through planning, organizing, leading and controlling. With planning you set the objective and identify the actions needed. With organizing yo divide up task and arrange resources to accomplish them. With leading you show enthusiasm to work hard and accomplish them. Then with controlling you not only control but you monitor performance and take actions needed to correct them. Trader Joe's, outlines in their website what they are looking for in a employee to join their "crew". They state they are looking for hard working, fun people who have a passion for food, learning and creating delight for others. They also state they are always looking to improve their crew. Trader
Joe's offers their crew quality benefits because they know it plays a vital role for their crew members and their families. Through leadership development courses and training, 75% of their crew are promoted. They promote based on performance. They want to see their employees show passion and dedication to their jobs. Merchants at Trader Joe's are promoted exclusively from the crew role. They are employees committed to setting the standards for a "wow" customer experience. Captains at Trader Joe's are also promoted from the crew role.
They are focused on developing crew members and fostering teams necessary to run the store. 4

There are ways leaders can manage relationships in general, but Trader Joe's tries to focus mainly on two different one's. First the leaders at Trader Joe's can effectively manage relationships using the four EI competencies because most of the manager