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Running Head: Business Etiquette: Phone Calls

Business Etiquette: Phone Calls
Kaplan University

BU224: Microeconomics
Professor: Fassil Fanta
February 3, 2014

Business etiquette is very important in the business world. Being able to solve and resolve problems in a professional manner is essential to becoming a well-rounded business professional. There are many topics that fall under business etiquette but one that I deal with on a daily basis is phone calls. While handling phone calls in a professional manner it is important to always announce your name, beware of speaking volume, and inform about a third party. Part of being a professional is having to talk on the phone whether it be a good or bad situation. When answering the phone it is always important to state you name. You should state your first and last name (Giang, 2013). A strong suggestion would be to state the company you are calling from. For an example: “Hello, this is Kayla Brock and I am calling in behalf of McBee Enterprises”. According to Business Insider using just your first name is too informal. It is also very important to always beware of your speaking volume and the tone in your voice. People can tell from your tone what kind of mood you are in. My grandmother told me when I was young that while talking whether in public or on the phone always smile with your voice. That has stuck with me my whole life and I can’t even begin to tell you how much it is appreciated, definitely some of the best advice ever received. It is also important that you know just how loud you are speaking. Always beware of your conversation, because you never know who is listening around you (Giang, 2013). You don’t want to blow the listener away. A calm medium tone with a little pep is perfect! Finally one of the most…