Suit and Business Etiquette Essay

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Business etiquette is a code of behavior for the people to engage in business and practise to communicate with colleagues, superiors and even consumers in order to trade smoothly and work efficiently. The forms of etiquette involve gestures or actions, speaking expression, and writing expression. Business etiquette has been widely known and has become a standard action. People who can do business etiquette well can indicate the ability to communicate and give polite and professional impression. According of the article Importance of Business Etiquette, “Good business etiquette is a valuable skill-set that will make you stand out from others, enhance your chances at success and help you land that dream job (Kyra, 2008). In terms of business, business etiquette can help in doing the team work competently.
Dressing to make a good impression
The way to look and how to dress must let consumers, superiors, and coworkers feel respected and comfortable. So the dress code of organization must be respected. At a dinner party, females should wear evening dresses rather than business suits despite it being a business communication. On other hand, one’s dressing should reflect the position one wants to attain. For example, Nina Jamal and Judith Lindenberger (2000) states
My mother always said you don't dress for the position you have. You dress for the position you want. After three months with my company, I was promoted. When I meet with clients, who are typically fifty-year-old attorneys, I always dress more professionally. There is nothing comfortable about wearing a suit and heels but it does affect how you carry yourself and how you are perceived. Dressing professionally has definitely helped me move up quickly in my company.

Conflict resolution
The argument often happens in a team work and in doing assignments. One must stick to one’s own opinion especially if it