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ere’s a challenge for you: how would you take what could be perceived as a relatively mundane product and turn it into a necessity that countries hoard, crave and spend billions on every single year?

Before you read more, go and leave a comment below with your first, knee-jerk response to this question. We would love to hear what you would do!

Well, you’re about to meet two of the greatest Attention Hackers who ever lived, who took on that same challenge and crushed it with historic proportions, transforming a cheap commodity into a wildly popular profitable brand that penetrated deep into the psyche of the Western World.

Introducing W.K. Kellogg & Leo Burnett, Attention Hacking masters, who used animated characters to turn cereal into the biggest success story in the modern food industry. I’ll reveal to you the four psychological reasons WHY animated characters work so powerfully (and why you should use animated characters to rapidly grow YOUR BRAND), but first, the back story.

Kellogg’s Animated Characters – The Billion Dollar Case Study

When I say they tried to market a relatively mundane boring product, I mean BORING; literally. Here’s the story:

In 1894 there was an accident. A religious group in Michigan was working on a new kind of food to fit the diet advised by their church. They believed that spicy or sweet foods would ‘increase passions’ so their goal was to create something made of entirely bland ingredients! – which they came to discover completely by accident. Dr. J.H. Kellogg happened to leave some cooked wheat to sit as they attended a church meeting. Upon return, he and his brother found that the wheat went stale. Trying to find a way to keep it fresh for longer, they pressed and processed that wheat. And to their surprise, the stale wheat turned into crispy flakes.

W.K. Kellogg saw this new food as an invention that should be marketed to the masses. But how? How on earth do you take bland, stale flakes and