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1 - Executive Summary
SJU Wiffle Ball is a company that has 3 years of experience in the Wiffle Ball area and has the capability to of all events consisting with Wiffle Ball. Wiffle Ball will allow the founders to use all their skill sets to put together large events to raise money for charities of the schools choice. Wiffle Ball Home Run Derby will team up with local companies who will sponsor the event in order to get their company name out there for the event as well as donate money to the charity of the companies choice.

1.1 – Mission
SJU Wiffle Ball Home Run Derby is the top company in the Wiffle Ball area and donates all their money to different charities every year. Each meeting session the team discusses ways to spread word of the event, sponsorship opportunities, and day of event operations to rightfully deliver a perfect event. SJU Wiffle Ball is a small company right now who spends a minimal amount on the event because of the great support they receive from local businesses who sponsor the event.
1.2 – Keys to Success
There are four key elements we will accomplish to succeed:
1) Continual and diligent searching of corporate sponsors
2) Provide all necessities for event including team’s expertise to run an event and bring in money to donate to supporting companies.
3) Maximizing profit, our customers and sponsor’s happiness, and charities happiness by providing them with an amazing donation that will only benefit.
4) Utilize the unique expertise and experience of Tim Curran as well as our employee’s knowledge and research of the companies past events.

1.3 – Objectives
1) To book a gross sales of $10,000 by end of event in year 1
2) To book a gross sales of $15,000 by end of event in year 2
3) To book a gross sales of $17,500 by end of event in year 3
4) To book a gross sales of $20,000 by end of event in year 4
Start up Funding
Sponsorships - $7,000
T-Shirt Sales - $2,000
Raffle Tickets - $1,000
Total Assets - $10,000
Shirt Costs - $2,000
Total Liabilities - $2,000
2 – Company Locations and Facilities
The company is located at 5600 City Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19128.
3 - Services
We provide the service of Wiffle Ball Home Run Derby for school students to enjoy as well as donate to a good cause. We also provide raffle prizes and clothing from the event with the event logo to sell and raise more money for an amazing charity.
3.1 – Service Description
Site Searches – Wiffle Ball Home Run Derby searches for the best site to host an event based off of most appealing location with the most amount of students to randomly pass by and notice the event. The site will draw attention from students who may not know about the event.
Other Services – Wiffle Ball Home Run Derby will provide a fun and relaxing time for students throughout a day of hectic class work.
3.2 – Competitive Comparison
1) Our first competition was students who had class during the day of the event. Many students do not like to miss class and are also not allowed to miss class. Therefore, our biggest competitor was student’s classes.
2) Our second competition was that a sorority on campus, Alpha Phi, was also hosting an event during free period which drew some attention away from our event.
3.3 – Fulfillment
We will fill our sponsor’s and customer’s needs by dividing tasks based on the area of expertise between each employee’s strengths.
First, we provide professional salesmanship and customer service.
Second, we provide detailed knowledge and interaction with all students on campus to inform them about our event.
3.4 – Technology
Our main use of technology was an employee’s laptop. This technology was used to take note of what student’s already paid and signed up for the event.
3.5 – Future Services
Our future plans to expand include going across the United States to many other college’s to help and teach them how to run a Wiffle Ball Home Run Derby. Our short term plan is to