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Statistical Quality Control
Simply Clean Green is a product line that features all natural and organic household cleaners. For this company, we offer high quality products that are safe for people and the environment. Maintaining a high level quality product for consumers is essential in building the company brand and keeping profits high. In today's competitive world, meeting customer’s expectation from quality point of view is a key to successful business conduct for any organization (Deheshvar, Shams & Movahedmanesh, 2013). In order to efficiently monitor this production process, this company conducts statistical analysis on production methods. The best control chart method that would test quality attributes for this product would be conducting a P-chart. P-charts are used to measure the proportion that is defective in a sample (Reid & Sanders, 2010). Using the P-chart method can help detect the proportion of products that are defective or not defective and give production managers the opportunity to rectify this problem. The sample used will be judged on color, smell, and effectiveness to decide whether or not it is acceptable according to production standards. A sample group of 30 products will be drawn at random to conduct tests. These products will be measured on how effective they are at disinfecting problem areas and getting rid of dirt/stains. Secondly, the product will be measured to ensure it maintains a clean, crisp, citrus smell when directly applied to the surface area. The last variable that will be measured is maintaining a pink hue to the application liquid after production. On a biweekly basis quality tests will be conducted to ensure these standards are being upheld. Statistical process control, and a powerful subarea of statistical quality control, is usually considered as a means to improve processes (Deheshvar, Shams & Movahedmanesh, 2013). In addition to testing the quality attributes of Simply Clean Green products, quality variables will be tested as well. To get the best quality results, an X-bar chart will be configured for the finished product. The point of the X-bar chart will be to ensure the appropriate volume of product is poured into each bottled container. To effectively measure this variable, sample sizes of 15 bottles with 5 observations each reviewing the volume of the filled containers will be tracked. This will be done monthly to make sure customers are getting the best quality out of their product for the price they are paying.
Capacity Planning & Location
The objective of capacity planning is to ensure the right match between the available capacity in specific work centres and the capacity required to achieve planned production. This is crucial in realizing the potential benefits of manufacturing planning and control systems (Gupta, Lödding, & Tseng, 2006). Well-organized capacity planning can be beneficial to a company because it can help minimize waste and reduce expenses. An analysis on consumer buying trends and demand will be determined in order to provide competent production space. As the demand for products increases over time, the company will grow and expand its capacity to take advantage of the demand volume increase. Taking into consideration the fact that consumer demand can fluctuate within this market, in order to meet projected short-term demand increases, the company will lease additional space when necessary to meet inflated consumer demands. By leasing this space this provides the company with flexibility because the company does not have to invest large amounts of money into acquiring a new building that they may not need in the future. To meet the needs of consumers the company will produce materials in a centralized processing plant. Product inventory will be maintained in warehouses to be available for later product distribution.
Choosing a facility location is an important decision in planning a business. There are many aspects of the business the…