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Todd Pizanowski
Dr. Peter
Reflective essay For my reflection paper I am going to talk about the Management Information System. The Management Information System is a computerized information-processing system designed to support the activities and functions of company management. These days modern companies, actively participating in business market relations, meet the necessity to implement Management Information Systems. Hugh amount of paperwork, accounting, interactive mode, work with databases, paperless processing of documents, updating of databases can’t be possible without modern computer technologies. There are many types of information systems used in business environment of leading companies, such as: database processing systems, and marketing systems. Management Information Systems are any systems, which provide people with information and data about business operations carried out by the organization. The Management Information System is used in business activity of the stuff, top management and clients. The assistance to all of them is affected through efficient data processing in transactions. Management Information Systems are constantly developing. First of them are dated back in the twentieth century. These systems were designed to effect accounts processing and salary management. It resulted in some reduction of expenses and time for preparation of paper documents. With their further development information systems were capable of making automatic accounting for the organization. Microprocessors and interactive displays were built in modern information systems devices. By the end of the seventieth century in the offices of any organization there were applied various computer and telecommunication technologies which have expanded a scope of information systems. Text processing, e-mail communication started to be widely used as means of the administrative control, supporting and accelerating decision-making process. The new stage in the Information systems development was achieved by the end of the eightieth century. Many companies have discovered the strategic power of implementing computer technologies in their activity, which could timely provide necessary information, create new goods and services, and find new commodity markets and new partners. All this innovations helped to increase the competitiveness of the company in the market. Since the middle of the ninetieth century there were plenty of business organizations have started to use online commerce. Following large companies, producing software equipment, companies that produce traditional goods started to use e-commerce in their activity. Plenty of shops selling books, CD, food and other products through Internet have appeared during the last years of the ninetieth. Realizing the essential need for implementing various Management Information System in order to have market competitive strength, our company, which specializes in provision of tourist services, has been intensively using such means of modern business development. Electronic commerce (also known as e-commerce) is an acceleration of the majority of business processes in which information is transferred directly to the addressee, passing a stage of creation of a paper copy of any document at each stage. The system of e-commerce in our organization can be divided into two classes: the system of retail trade through Internet and the system of interactions with business partners. The advantages of implementation of the e-commerce in our company are obvious. One advantage is the efficiency of the access to information, especially in international trade. Another advantage is the cycle of sales is considerable decreased as there is no need to enter received documents each time. Another one is the costs for information exchange is reduced due to using more cheap means of communication. Another one is the implementation of Internet