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From the reading: Reinventing Project Management for Your Organization:
- If "project management is about serving a customer need and creating business results to support the company’s short- and long-term objectives", as the authors say, how would you convince the management of your company to invest in project management? (in one paragraph). Business drives progress and growth for company and for each stage it needs to define the goals and objects, which will define the project but, success of projects does not depend on goals, objectives, time, and budget but also needs to know how project will be judged when completed. In my view projects are mainly taking place to build a product/service that can improve the company business and gain more profit and increase company revenues and obtain company objectives. In reality it is difficult to define project plan and its progress, uncertainties and unknowns of the project hold its plan and progress; to achieve success, project plan has to be adaptive, flexible and interactive which is defined in project management. Project planning and scheduling is therefore important and it’s a need for company to invest in project management. Project planning & management is not an event or a onetime activity, project plan can be defined in early stage and project plan need to be managed to be adaptable, flexible, and iterative way, adjusting to changes made along the way, according to project’s progress and dynamic changes in the