History Of Pampered Chef

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Pampered Chef Company Profile

Professor Bain
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February 1, 2014

Pampered Chef has taken on an unusual selling approach, having consultants sell their products through house parties. They have created quality products and a successful business in the kitchenware industry. Pampered Chef is a company definitely focused on their consultants, customers, and bettering their product. When developing products they always keep the customer in mind and try to develop products that will make it easier for the consumer to create great simple meals at home. Their main focus is on creating cooking products such as bake ware, pots and pans, and other gadgets to prepare food.


Doris Christopher founded pampered Chef in 1980 and created the motto: “The kitchen store that comes to your door.” The idea for Pampered Chef was created when Doris Christopher decided if it was easier for people to cook they might cook more often. She was working as an economics professor, trying to pick up a part time job and being a mom all at the same time when she decided to start her own business.

She started out by creating gadgets in order to make preparing food easier in the kitchen. In the first quarter she sold of $10,000 worth of merchandise. Her thought was if people had the right tools then they would like to cook more. Doris then added more employees and was up to 12 people by the end of her first year. Her company grew more and more over the next few years and ended up having to move from her basement due to lack of space.

Her husband then quit his job at as a marketing representative to become the Vice President of Pampered Chef. He really was the one to convince her to create her own business and then to start participating in cooking shows. She had always thought cooking shows were silly and over priced. So when it came time for her to price items she decided to take the wholesale cost and double it to create the retail value.

Pampered chef is considered one of the top direct selling organizations in the United States. They have over 25,000 consultants with sales over $200 million.

Mission/Vision Statement

Mission: At Pampered chef they are committed to providing opportunities for individuals to develop their God-given talents and skills to their fullest potential for the benefit of the individuals, their families, the companies customers and the company.

They are dedicated to enhancing the quality of family life by providing quality kitchen products supported by service and information for their Consultants and customers.

Vision: Pampered Chef’s vision is that someday families all around the world will know the joy and rewards of gathering together in the tradition of family mealtimes. To help make this vision a reality, they specialize in high-quality tools that make cooking simple, easy and fun.


There are eight different levels of positioning at Pampered Chef from consultant to National Executive Director. The CEO and founder of Pampered Chef is Doris Christopher.

Berkshire Hathaway’s Warren Buffet owns Pampered Chef. Berkshire Hathaway is a corporation specializing in owning multiple other companies. Some of the companies they currently own are Dairy Queen, Fruit of Loom, GEICO, and half of Heinz.


Pampered Chef has created a multiplicity of products to aid in cooking, baking, preparing and storing food. The kitchenware Pampered Chef created has become an empire and a very desirable product for anyone who has a passion for cooking. Doris Christopher’s idea from the beginning was to make gadgets to inspire and allow people to enjoy cooking.

Bake ware – Their bake ware includes muffin pans, loaf pans, pie dishes, spring form pans, baking sheets, and cake pans.
Bamboo Collection – This a new line made out of all natural bamboo; it is extremely durable.
Cookware – The cookware collection incudes sauté