Business System Proposal

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* Riordan Business
Systems Proposal

Team C
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David Mack
Benjamin Rodriguez Jr.
March 13, 2014
Daniel Wojnowski


Business System Definition

“A methodical procedure or process that is used as a delivery method mechanism for providing specific goods or services to customers”

Decision support systems are used by upper management and key executives to make long-term strategic decisions on the future of the company.

*Decision Support


*designed to assist middle and lower level supervisors make decisions and resolve any type of problem

*consists of many tools and practices that gather important data



*used in companies where employees create diferent methods of sharing expertise with their co-workers

*best example is a company intranet



*used to process routine transactions
*normally vital to the daily operations of an organization *Transaction

Sales and Marketing: will help to identify the types of products that we will provide for our customers


Business Sub-Systems

Manufacturing and Production caters to the creation of products and stabilization of products within the company

*Business Sub-


Finance and Accounting tasked to deal with being accurate with inventory, sales, and marketing responsible are accounting, budgeting, plans and forecasts, processes and controls, and an employee pay system *Business Sub-


Human Resources human element of the company is the most important of all the business systems involved in the proposed process (arguably)

*Business Sub-


* Cyber Warfare and Cyber Security

*companies and organizations have relied

heavily on information technology is their daily operations

*Without the use of information

technology, companies and organizations will fall behind and eventually fade away

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