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Research Report and Presentation
March 2, 2012
John Evers

Research Report and Presentation
Learning Team D comprehensive business research evolved during this course regarding customer satisfaction. Using a fictitious identity, Learning Delta, an online shopping store that offers various products, mimicking Amazon, seek to examine and define results for customer satisfaction at the request of Learning Delta’s executives. A series of events transpired from week two until the present. An overview of these events including preliminary formulation research problem, team’s role, research question, independent and dependent variable, as well as hypothesis statements with findings, spreadsheet, and Power point presentation included.
Business Problem During the first phrase of the process, Learning Team D established the business problem. Learning Delta executives wanted to know how well the satisfaction of their customers from their website.
Team’s Role The team’s role involved developing the research question, hypothesis testing, providing evidence to support or reject hypothesis testing, and presenting visual tools in the area of Excel spread sheet and PowerPoint presentation to illustrate findings. This will be based off of customers’ satisfaction and related to which products were purchased. Within the tools mentioned previously, the team will focus on the most pertinent information with the following up incoming measures.
Independent and Dependent Variables
Since satisfaction is abstract, therefore it is operationalized and identified by qualitative responses such as: satisfied, neither, or dissatisfied.

Research Questions from both Variables
The research question consists of “Is there a relationship between customers’ satisfaction and purchase transactions online.
Hypothesis Questions based on the Research Question
- H0: There is no relationship between customers’ satisfaction and products purchased.
- H1: There is a relationship between customers’ satisfaction and products purchased. During the following weeks, Learning Team D created a literature review, sampling and data collection plan, and data analysis.
Literature Review
Customer satisfaction is the key to success of every business there in. Learning Delta Company research team has conducted a thorough research review on this subject. By researching secondary peer reviewed data reduce research time and cost. Secondary data, especially by credible sources provide and support researcher’s claims and proven historical results. Several issues overviewed as factors in customer satisfaction. Service quality measures ranked high, as did the ability to receive customer feedback. Essentially maintaining and expanding customer base was a grave concern. The simplest way for customer feedback was through surveys. Short unbiased questions and responses were the best to apply for above average responses. Lengthy surveys take enormous amount of time which negative responses or possible incomplete surveys. Although surveys are conducted, companies should incorporate a standard of creating happy customers. Providing customers’ with a friendly and timely customer support to customer satisfaction is a long term goal for the company. Incentives and rewards are options to attract and engage customer loyalty. Discounts and free services employ customer retention rates. Personal attention appeals to customers, recognition demonstrates the company is concerned about customer interest. Also, measuring and analyzing satisfaction of each customer helps improve and provide better services or products.
Understanding customers will help a company offer better products and services. A great customer satisfaction survey will provide a great deal of information pertaining from a customers’ perspective that will help companies in identifying the needs of their customers and how well they provide customer service and support. In the long run, companies will