CBT Level 5 Assignment 3 Essay

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1. What is your understanding of the value of National Occupational Standards? (5)
I think that the NOS is a valuable guide which provides practitioners with clarification of the standards they are expected to perform. The NOS can also help the therapist to identify the ‘gaps’ in their learning and help to plan further professional development. The NOS can be a great help for the practitioner in evaluating their own practice in order to improve their professional performance.

2. Describe briefly what preparation needs to be done before a client session. (5)
Before a client session starts it is important to make sure that the facilities and environment are chosen carefully. The practice room should be safe, clean
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It is also possible that referrals have to be made when the assistance comes to an end. At this point the client should be provided with information about further support and resources and all the necessary referrals should be made.

8. When building a support network, as well as identifying resources, what else do you need to do in order for this to be useful? (5)
In real life we have to work and interact on multiple levels simultaneously, though not being fully engaged with them. The more are balanced in ‘self’, the more we tend to look outside of our group. That is why, when the person is satisfied in his ‘micro’ level, he is ready to ensure the happiness of his family. When his family is stable, the person is ready to work with other groups at higher ‘macro’ level. But in order to widen our experience, we need to balance and fulfill ourselves first, to be positively selfish to be ready to support others or bigger groups.

9. The lesson provides some example client comments illustrating a sense of imbalance and dissatisfaction. Either choose three of these, or some of your own, and discuss them briefly. Suggest what you think is missing in each case, and suggest one possible solution. (10)
1) “All I seem to do is work, the money is great but I have no time to enjoy it”.
In this case the person tries to get all the satisfactions from one environment – work. Although he can gain a lot of high beneficial