Camping and Unique Camping Experiences Essay

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Eva Turko
Grand Canyon University: BUS 485
February 24, 2013

Mystic Miles is the name of our campground located in the heart of the Bald Eagle Mountains in Pennsylvania. Our campground is unique to this area of the country for it offers unique camping experiences for persons of all ages.
Our mission is to provide a safe, beautiful, fun and enticing place to vacation year round. Our resources will be used to protect the environment while providing you with a place that will leave your spirit feeling renewed and relaxed. Our vision is to further our leadership in the field of traditional camping by continuing to offer different programs and areas of interest for all. This will be an ongoing project through many years as we expand our facilities to include and improve some of the following services; nature trails for the nature enthusiasts, atv rentals for the adventurous, horseback riding for beginners and experienced riders, docks for fishing, indoor and outdoor swimming area, and a pavilion for gatherings and parties.
Our competitive advantage is that we have created a strategic partnership with the surrounding communities in providing services that will help and protect the environment for future generations. In today’s rapidly changing marketplace we will provide diversification and depth to enhance your camping experience. Using our objective point of view and thinking “out of the box” we will resolve seemingly unsolvable problems with new and innovative solutions. Since every person in unique and every project can be developed in unique ways, we will at times use personalized solutions to meet the needs of our customer’s individual