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Christ asked the blind man, “My son, can you see?”
The blind man exalted “Yes, my holy father, praise the lord, I am healed, I can see!”
And so Jesus took the man from the crowd and whispered unto him, “But can you see the reason why kids love cinnamon toast crunch?”
When the blind man did not respond, Jesus exclaimed “then you are still blind!” and Jesus took the vision away

Jesus Christ is dying on the cross, his disciples are gathered some distance away, crying.
Then Peter looks up and hears Jesus calling him - "Peter, come to me!"
Peter starts running to the cross, but a Roman guard smacks him in the side of the head. He falls to the ground, and is turning to leave when he again hears "Peter! Peter, come here!"
So, he tries again to reach the cross where his lord is hanging, and this time the Roman guard draws his sword and chops off Peter's left arm.
As Peter is clutching the stump of his arm in agony, again Jesus calls him. "Come to me,
He tries again. In disbelief at him still trying, the Roman cuts off his right arm.
Weak from blood loss, Peter falls to his knees. But still, the savior calls him. "Come here,
Unable to stand, bleeding profusely, Peter struggles on towards the cross. By this time, the
Roman guard is seriously disturbed by all this, and lets him go.
His vision clouding, his strength fading, Peter reaches the foot of the cross. He looks up into the face of his Lord and Savior, and asks "Yes, Lord, why have you called me to you?"
With a…