Canada and the fight for culture Essay

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Canada and the Fight for Culture Canada was one just a part of the British empire and when they finally moved away from Britian they didn’t want to rely on them anymore so they started relying more on the United States . It started with economics and eventually led to Canadians following the American culture. Since 1945 the Canadian government has initiated policies and programs to protect Canadian culture from the Americans and thus Canada has become more culturally independent. The Canadian government made three different groups to help protect the Canadian culture; they are the National film board of Canada (NFB), the Canadian Radio- Television Commission (CRTC), and The Canadian Broadcasting cooperation (CBC). The National film board of Canada was founded in 1939 and is recognized as one of the world’s best creative laboratories. [1] It is Canada’s public film producer and distributor; it produces documentaries, animation, alternative dramas and digital media productions. [2] In total the national film board has produced over thirteen thousand productions since 1939 and has won over five thousand awards.[3] The national film board of Canada is a government made organization and they must report to the parliament of Canada.[4] The NFB has a French and English branch to promote Canadian culture and to protect it. This organization has many different purposes over the years. At first they were trying to protect the Canadian culture and now they are promoting Canadian heritage. The national film board never showed American films, documentaries or animations and thus helping Canada become more culturally independent because of the government’s actions. When the parliament first formed the royal commissions on broadcasting it recommended that Canada have a national broadcast network and it would be called The Canadian Radio– Television commission. [5] The Canadian Radio- Television Commission is an independent public organization that regulates and supervises the Canadian broadcasting systems. As an independent organization they work to serve the needs and interests of many people such as citizens, industries, interest groups and the government. [6] This group was made to protect the Canadian culture. It started with the Fowler report when they rejected the idea that the Canadian Broadcasting Cooperation should be responsible for all Canadian content and that private broadcasting companies should be able to air whatever they want, including all American programs. [7] The organization allows the government to protect Canadian culture by regulating the media that airs in radio, television and print. In the 1960s the board of broadcast governors demanded that by the end of 1962 that fifty – five percent of television shows shown in Canada would be of Canadian origin. This did not happen at first because of protest from privately owned stations but in 1965 the private networks began to make good profit and the Fowler committee on broadcasting said they were not showing enough Canadian shows there for the CRTC set rules in 1968 for the whole industry. [8] This all shows how the government was trying to protect American culture and lead us to become culturally independent. The Canadian Broadcasting cooperation is the oldest broadcasting network in Canada and is recognized as one of Canada greatest cultural institutions. [9] The CBC radio was created to draw Canadian listeners away from American stations because most Canadians that lived within 160 kilometres from the Canadian – American boarder could pick up steady radio stations and would listen to American dramas and comedies. [10] On January 1rst 1941 CBC news service was formally opened and made to draw