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Capital Punishment Speech

In our remarkable society, deranged outlaws still exist and they discharge their evil intentions on naïve innocents and these malicious people deserve capital punishment to atone for their unforgivable crimes. Capital punishment is a dubious concept as the criminal’s anticipation of the punishment causes psychological suffering which makes the punishment more severe than depriving the evil of life. This psychopathic outlaw is then put to death and never released back into the public where they may slaughter naïve innocent people.
For a single murder, the highest type of offense in our society, the median time that is expected to serve is only 11 years. If we allow these monstrous brutes to return to society, they know that if they kill again and are CONVICTED, they will only have to serve another 11 years. If these savages do decide to rehabilitate, they will be able to enjoy their life and start over, the victim will never have that opportunity. He does not deserve a second chance as he has killed a person and obviously didn’t care about that individual’s life, so why should we be concerned for his life?
A just society requires the death penalty for the taking of an innocent life. Retribution has always been a part of religious values and it has been historically maintained to take an “eye for an eye” and a life for a life. In 1991, a young mother was forced to watch helplessly as her baby was mercilessly executed in front of her eyes. Afterwards, she was horrifically mutilated and killed. The killer doesn’t deserve to lie in a prison with three meals a day, clean sheets and cable TV. For justice to prevail, some monstrosities should just die.
The only argument that holds any weight and isn’t created from the oppositions delusions is the potential risk of executing an innocent person. Our society takes