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University of Phoenix

Career Identifier

Michael T. Orcutt

MGT 521

January 25, 2015

Dr. Johnnie Bejarano

Career Identifier I always enjoy taking surveys to give me a glimpse of myself from another person’s perspective. Taking the career interest profiler was an interesting task that I took seriously with my answers I gave. I was not very surprised by the results and I believe that my career path that I am currently on will fulfill most of the points of interest that the career profiler identified. My career matches centered on authority, history and organization. These traits fall in line with my first career in the United States Air Force and my career choices thereafter. I was a parachute rigger while in the Air Force and was in charge of 6 other individuals and a parachute rigging shop. After my 7 years in the Air Force I then began to work for the US Army Corps of Engineers as a budget analyst. This career was rewarding because I was in charge of developing a vast budget that amounted to approximately $18M. After working for the Corps of Engineers for 2 year I transferred to the USDA where I manage the National School Lunch Program for the states of Wyoming and Iowa, as well as the State Administrative Expense funds for 10 states in our region. My career has taken me too many different places and has afforded me vastly different experiences. My career goals are ever changing based on the opportunities that are afforded to me. With that…