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Career Plan Building Activities
January 29, 2013 Career Plan Building Activities
Understanding the results of my Competencies activity can help me with my strengths and weaknesses. This will allow me to focus on things that I should improve on and things I can assist others with. According to my results, my strengths are: strategizing, being innovative, and goal oriented. Knowing this, I can serve my team by formulating goals, creating more efficient ways of obtaining those goals, and completing those goals. Recognizing that I have weaknesses in organizing, I can put more of an effort into planning to succeed in my goals. Learning to be more organized would allow me to be more effective in how I communicate to my team and enable them to be more efficient in the work they put out.
I have learned to be flexible in communicating. Sometimes the best communication is not to speak or direct, but to listen. In the military some of the best ideas came from the soldiers, not their leaders. A good leader observes their team, listens to their arguments, and takes point from there. This is because all people are not all the same. Knowing your team’s strengths and weaknesses helps you develop a successful plan of action that can lead to success.
According to the Competencies activity (Fig. 1), I should focus more on organization. I know this to be true since I have difficulties prioritizing. Being organized can help a manager serve their team properly. Having organization skills will allow me to