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The Career Leader report shows that my interests are strong in Application of Technology, Quantitative Analysis areas with a score of 81% and 69% respectively, which are my personal highs. In Application of Technology it details interest in learning about and using new technologies, enjoys analyzing and designing business processes such as production and operation systems. In Quantitative Analysis it details preference of solving business issues by “running the numbers”, and enjoys building computer models, doing financial and market research analysis.
The report also shows that Theory Development and Research, at a score of 53% with emphasis on high-level abstract thinking about business issues and the theory as well as strategy, enjoys doing in-depth research. The report mentions my interest in Coaching and Mentoring at a good scale of 53%, and says that “Enjoy helping develop employees and others to reach their fullest potential. Often prefer working in an environment with high social values, and organizations with a collaborative work culture. I felt the report assessed my interests correctly.
As per report my top motivators are Positioning, Variety, Intellectual Challenge, Security followed by Altruism, Financial Gain and Recognition. With a view on my previous professional experience I feel that the report is almost true. For me the work place should be challenging with dynamic work nature, whose experience and access to people and opportunities that will position