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Dear Mrs. Roley,

Before beginning this unit, I wanted to become a children's or teen psychologist. My family constantly told me to pursue my dream in whatever makes me happy, and helping other people out was always my number one priority. The career that best fit me was an occupational therapist, child and youth worker, and a psychologist. The personality traits that best fit these jobs were providing advice, listening to people, cooperating with difficult people, caring for children, and considering people's feelings. In my opinion, I believe that all those characteristics suit me very well. Because I like being in noisy places, I would best work in an environment of a hospital, a school, nursery, or an elderly care home . For example, becoming a psychologist, (my number one choice), I could help out the struggling person, and help give advice to the person in need. A psychologist fits my skills on my career cruising assessments because I answered I like helping the elderly, little kids, teens, listening to people, and I have the right skills to become one. A psychologist is required to have a Doctoral Degree in PhD, and PsyD. I would have to go to school about 6-9 years depending on how far in my career I want to go. The estimated earnings for becoming a psychologist is about $50,000-$90,000 all based upon how experienced you are in the job. I am really into the whole outgoing, and open-minded speaking skills this job has to offer. Over the past three days, I did realize that I do not want to fully go into the medical field. I also did comprehend that I wanted to work with kids/teens, or elderly people. But, my thinking has remained the same all along. I have always wanted to and always will want to become a psychologist because I just love listening to people, giving people advice, and always having something to solve for the better of someone. I would be able to earn a decent amount…