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Spencer Addy
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October 7, 2014
Career Project
My personality type was ISFP which lined up with the composer under artisan in the
Keirsey temperament sorter. According to the Keirsey website, composers are in tune with their senses more so than other artisans. The Keirsey website also stated that the composer has a sure grasp of what belongs and what doesn't in all kinds of art works. Characteristics of composers include, gentle, caring, and sensitive. Too those who don't know composers they seem cool and reserved on the outside but on the inside composers feel things very deeply.
Blindspots of the composer include, not being assertive enough in selling our strengths and talents, not prioritizing our goals well, and focusing on current needs instead of future needs.
Composers should be able to work independently if they desire and should be allowed to work outside the public spotlight. The career i researched was music supervisor. Music supervisors are responsible for placing music in media such as, movies, tv shows, video games, and advertising. Music supervisors need a deep knowledge of music and of music listening rules. Experience helps a great deal and an internship can help play a big role. Music supervisors have to be able to sit with the production team and find out what they are looking for from the music. They also have to be able to negotiate deals to get the rights to use certain songs. Music supervisors have to be able to get along with the producer, and director of the project