Information And Communication Technology Careers Project

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Information and Communication Technology Careers Project
Part A 1. What is a learning pathway? Is the means by which people take to develop the skills and knowledge required to proceed down a particular career path. 2. What is TAFE, and how does it prepare students for careers in ICT? TAFE stands for Technical and Further Education. TAFE is known for a practical, hands-on approach to training and education. 3. State the five main types of careers in ICT, and give a brief explanation of each? * Education careers: including teaching in schools and higher education institutes, including universities and TAFE institutes, or even working as an in house trainer for an organisation * Multimedia and graphics careers: careers in graphics, game design, web development or multimedia development generally suites people who are artistic and like to used their imagination to convey a message visual media as tools * Technical careers: technical careers suites to people who like to work with numbers or codes, enjoy problem solving, and think logically and analytically. * Business and support careers: involves the provision of support and the management of solution to specific ICT business problems. * Project management careers: involved in coordinating and managing the resources required to take a project from its initial stages to completion. 4. In the interview with programmer Justin on page 267, he states that he dislikes ‘work[ing] with people who are trying to drive the development process without understanding it.’ By this, he means that the people setting the rules for a project are not knowledgeable about the inner workings of the project. Why would something like this be frustrating for a programmer? 5. This would be frustrating for a programmer as it will take so much time and effort to teach them the required knowledge for the task and that requires patience, time and effort.

Part B 1. My job is, IT project management, coordinate and manage an IT project from concept to completion. And the tasks that I have to undertake are to manage the resources for a project, including budget, equipment and staff. Develop project strategies and plans. Monitor and evaluate project progress. Report back to client as project progresses. And the personal requirements are good written and verbal communication skills. Ability to manage a number of project teams. Logical and lateral thinker. Willingness to accept responsibility and get in this job, the entry requirements are generally on the completion of a university degree, with a major in information technology, including some project management subjects. And the employment opportunities are IT project managers may work in ICT-specific organisations or be employed by larger organisation in alternative industries that require their expertise.

The other job that I’m interested in is the multimedia and graphics. The job is to web designer/developer-design, create, produce and maintain webpages using the appropriate software tools. And tasks for job are Liaise with clients to discuss ideas and develop job requirements, design and develop websites content. Maintain or coordinate maintenance of the website once completed and implemented. Personal requirements that you have to have for this job are creative and technical aptitude. Good communication skills. Ability to work as a part of a team. Entry may be possible without formal qualifications with appropriate on the job training but employment prospects would be enhanced by an appropriate degree, certificate or diploma course. Many different types of businesses require web-development services. Employees in this field may also work for specific web-design/development organisations (I got all this information form my IT: information Technology text book)

2. What is an average starting salary of someone in this line of work? The starting salary of an Information