Nurse Ross Case Study

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Case 6: Nurse Ross
Team #9: Adam Parker, Aybige Kocas, Gaurav Jain, Marco Zhang & Matthew Hochstein

The problem in this case is that it’s unsuccessful to move the relationship of nursing departments in clinic and hospital from pooled to reciprocal interdependence with Miss Ross’ coordination in regular channels of communications.

Miss Linden is not willing to send free aides from hospital to clinic when clinic is short of people
Miss Linden refuses to work with Miss Ross after Miss Ross arranges to reallocate the nursing personnel and makes out schedules to provide available clinic help when Miss Linden is on vacation.
Miss Ross experiences the intersender role conflict that places competing, mutually exclusive demands on the role when Dr. Peake expects her to coordinate the two units, but Miss McHaffey tells her not to.

The solution to the problem we have identified is to establish formal communication processes in interdependent relationships between clinic and hospital nursing units.

The medical director, Dr. Peake, shall clarify the roles of Miss McHaffey, Miss Linden and Miss Ross in terms of coordinating two nursing units, so that Miss Linden will not feel her job is taken by others.
Apply procedural justice in the coordination process to show that the methods used to implement decisions are fair, and to make the decisions acceptable for all the parties.
Apply methods to increase the credibility of the information source, so that both nursing units can understand whether there is a personnel shortage.


Dr. Peake will immediately hold a meeting with Miss McHaffey, Miss Ross, Miss Linden, and Miss Hartman to clarify that Miss Ross’s role is an internal consultant to optimize the nursing