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Hidalgo, Janine G.

Catch Me If You Can
What comes to your mind when we talk about crimes? The Film Catch Me If You Can is directed by Steven Spielberg year 2003 and this Film kind of suspense, drama as well as non-fiction. It was based on a true story. His primary technique was defrauding banks using different take cheque schemes eventually amounting over 2.5 million dollars. Much of what Frank accomplished in the film defied believability. He became a pilot, doctor and a lawyer before his 21st birthday. When the truth of matters is that there’s nothing you can’t accomplish yet you clearly decide what is that you’re absolutely committed to achieved, then on the other hand your willing to massive more over you can notice which of the things is working or not, and your continue to change your approach until you got what you want, using whatever life gives you along the way.
Frank Abagnale was a wise man besides he is also a one of a kind that is very smart and intelligent. Throughout the film he is creating different identities to try and make some money, but even though his name always changed his personality seems to remain the same. From the beginning, his father was really a successful men and he lost everything he have just because the bank cheated on his business. Since, his parents was divorced he is longing for love and always wish to have a perfect family no matter what is the reason and then in any cost. In his own understanding his father just need to win his mother with a better life and material things. In reality, his mother has an affair to someone close to his father and it was evidence as well as a truth that made the story clear. Frank unable to deal with the stress choosing which his parents to live with, Frank runs away and soon he realizes he needs to find a way to create fake bank cheque at different banks, scamming them out of hundreds of dollars and eventually realizing he needs to find different way to bring in a steal cash