Essay on Cause And Effect

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Elizabeth Craig
Mrs. Donald
English 1113
7 Nov. 2014
Cause and Effect
Texas Like A Whole Other Country

Have you ever had to leave your life behind somewhere that you thought was amazing? The effects of this can either change someone for the good or have negative impacts that could last a lifetime. Imagine doing that several times, and each time meant different schools in different states. Moving meant I had to make new friends, change schools, adapt to new ways of learning, and even alter my lifestyle. One of the biggest challenges most teens face when moving to new a school is trying to make new friends. Making new friends can sometimes become a stressful situation. When I recently moved to Houston, Texas I was put in this position. I was unsure of how things worked in such a large school. I moved from a school with an entire student body of less then a thousand kids to my eleventh grade class being just over a thousand students. I began to wonder if I would ever find my place to fit in. When I walked into my new school I noticed there was a large diverse student body. The school averaged 72% Hispanics, 20% African American, and 7% Caucasian. My hopes of finding new friends faded. I became quick to judge on appearances before meeting the first person. As time passed, I found the courage to put myself out there and try new things. I joined the yearbook staff and the varsity cheerleading squad. After meeting many new people I later realized putting my self out there and taking risk is what you have to do to meet new people. In the past I changed schools to help me with my education but in the long run I felt like this only hindered me. With moving did come the challenges of being taught many different teaching styles. While at times it was confusing it did force me to learn