Essay on Change: Education and World

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It is my belief think that changinge the world starts with what you learn. Education and knowledge is what keeps the world in perpetual motion.makes the world go round.

Teaching has the ability to change each student through yourpersonal experience. Teachers are the heroes and leaders of today and tomorrow. They change young adults by educating and motivating them. The sStudents are herepursue higher education to learn skills how to makefor a career. Every career can change and impact the world worldaround.

Teaching young adults is what changes the world one student at a time. To change the world you must learn to love, respect, be motivated, and educated. At the end of the day, Tthat is what most teachers convey teach in class rooms to theire students.

Students are young in life experience and need guidance. from someone wise. Teachers are even trywilling to help in theire free time if the student wants it. StudentsStudent’s are just trying totry to better themselves through what is by learned during their college experiencefrom the teachers.

Love is very important with teaching and receiving. Teaching must be a job that you love., because iIf you don’t love teaching, you canmay give off the wrong signs, and create an awful world one student at a time. If students don’t love to work, they can’t be apart of the change. Changing the world starts with love., If you don’t love what you’re doing then you shouldn’t don’t expect it to work. Make sure you love what your doing no matter what, because it can effect you.

Anothervery important aspect of the part of teacher,s and students relationship is respect. Respect is what everybody wants, but yet not a lots of people don’t haveget the respect that they deserve. Teachers must have respect for their students, and the same goes for students to teachers. Respect is also needed to change the world . world. You must rRespecting humanity is a great first people before you even think ofstep towards change. If you can’t respect yourself then there is no reason to put your hard work in.

Motivation is whatis a cog in the wheel of runs a working environment. Teachers and students must be motivated to do their jobspart. Teachers must also get the students motivated about education and their contributions to the worldclass. When your mMotivationed causes you tend to accomplish goalsget more done, and you are happyier to make progressdo it. Changing the world starts with you being motivated to succeed.finish. Motivation is what everybody needs to fulfill their