Change Management And Communication Plan 1 Essay

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Change Management and Communication Plan
Sharessa Bass, Tata Burris, Damekiya Washington
Organizational Development
March 19, 2015
Dr. David Magee
Upon the initial interview that my consultant group and I had with Riordan Manufacturing we were under the impression that the company’s organizational structure was in tack, and the organization was only in need of a customer management system. But, after a week of hands on face to face interactions with the staff within Riordan we also realize that Riordan was in need of some diversity within their organizational structure. This change within Riordan’s organizational structure is imperative in an effort to meet their customer’s needs and government regulations. The customer management system that we will be offering to Riordan Manufacturing is one that will allow Riordan to develop a better strategy for growth within the internal structure of the organization. The customer management system also insures the accuracy of the customer’s verification process, and a better understanding of the business relationship that Riordan currently has with the customer. Our customer database management application system will also give Riordan’s employees the ability to organize their customer’s information using our integrated scoring and segmentation features. Riordan’s information technology (IT) department will also have the capacity to categorize their customer’s information parallel to credit risk, buying habits, and department preference. Having the ability to outline a comprehensive summary of their customer’s information efficiently helps to lessen risk for Riordan Manufacturing. Once the employee has identified the customer’s information over the phone they can get the customer over to the appropriate department which increases the customer’s experience as well. In an effort to help Riordan ingest all of the advantages that our customer management systems have to offer we have also made some additional recommendations. We have reached out to a few people within Riordan Manufacturing and advised them of a few potential issues within their current organizational structure. The proposal documents for the recommended changes was addressed to the following individuals within Riordan Manufacturing: Michael Riordan (president & CEO), Charles Williamson (VP international Operations), Eric Myers (Recruiter Professional Staff), Yvonne McMillan (Director of Human Resources), Patricia Miller (Manager IT services), and Stacey Jones (Manager IT Services). Just to sum up the content of the documents in a few sentences I will start off by stating that we addressed a few topics. One of the topics was the bases for our site visits to Riordan Manufacturing “The customer management system”. The second topic aroused as a result of our observation during our time at Riordan Manufacturing “their current formal and informal power structure. The organization’s current formal and informal power structure raises concerns about the organizations ethics, bias within the organization, and potential risk for the organization. We also educated them on how our customer management system would benefit their organization. And, we mentioned the importance of having skillful and knowledgeable employees in place to accurately navigate through the systems. I really want to drive home the reasoning behind our exegesis of Riordan’s formal and informal power structure. Again our critiques are based off the synopsis that the team and I determined after our overview of Riordan’s organizational structure. Riordan has a leak of diversity when it comes to their employees, and we believe that this is subsequently due to their informal power structure. Riordan’s employee recruiting methods seems to be formulated contingent for the most part upon one ethnic group’s social identity. Robbins and Judge (2013) made the following statement and I quote, “When do people develop a social identity? Several