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While a lot of people addicted in fantasy gaming world to enjoy the feeling of freedom, destroying things or doing whatever they want to do; they hide their intentions deep in their mind in reality because of different kinds of problem. Dan Ross’s “always a motive” is one of the best story that saying people have an idea what they want but they are not allow in the real world. Dan used his own kind of writing to describe Joe Manetti not only a sensible villain but also a hopeless victim. Dan started to portray a victim seems no hope to illustrate he ( Joe) is innocent. After tortured questioning and then his time witness appear, he disclosed the intention of the very beginning. Which part we get that Joe is a sensible villain? Let us look into some of his motives in several ways. The last dialogue between the inspector and the young man provide the lead. “I wanted to see the face of a father who had lost his kid and then got it back” (112). This sentence clearly tells us Joe has the motive to do kidnapping. We cannot interpret it is a kidnap because he has no intention to get the ransom from his parent of the child. He maybe wants the kid to be with him to displace his child who has just passed away. Throughout the story, Dan creates a feeling of the young man still has his kid, who died in an accident, in his mind and still loving his son. This may be consider as another reason to make Joe kidnaps the Miller’s boy. Furthermore, nearly the end of the interrogation in the police station, Joe is a little bit vacillated when the inspector asks him, “[why] didn’t you bring the kid directly to us?” (111). Normally, this should be the first thing come to everyone’s mind if he or she does not know anything about the children. Also, Joe brought the kid directly to Miller’s apartment, maybe he knew that was the Miller’s child from the note he found, how can he locates where and which Miller is the note telling? Clearly, Joe knows everything. Although the story does not explain everything, there are too many things open to doubt. On the other hand, Joe also seems to be an actor of hopeless victim in the story. Joe could not able to prove his innocence. Every time the inspector asked Joe where he was during the day the Miller’s boy is missing, all he can say is “I was out driving. I drive a lot. I like to get away from my apartment” (108). And because of the purposeless driving, possibly the only hobby of him, no one can help to prove his innocence. The young dark man also notices that he does not “able to prove anything” (110). The best he can tell the inspector is “I get spells when I can’t stand in my place. I take the car and I drive. Anywhere! I just drive until I feel better” (110).
Joe knows that he is in a very bad situation about the state of his mood but there is nothing he can do about it. Also, Joe is…