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The book I chose was Twilight the first book from the Twilight Saga by Stephanie Myer. In particular I chose Isabella Swan as my character to analyze. Isabella Swan leaves Phoenix, Arizona and moves to a new place in Forks, Washington to live with her dad. She does it so her mother can travel around with her baseball player husband Phil Dwyer. Bella didn’t used to cause too much commotion in Phoenix, but after her move to Forks, she soon finds herself in the spotlight at her new school. To her surprise and dislike many of the guys in class compete for her attention.
Bella is that girl that you see in class that just passes the time yet she still succeeds. When she moves to Forks everything changes for her though. She becomes the center of attention. She tries to blow it off like she isn’t bothered by it. Everyone knows how people are in high school, when one person has the attention everyone else wants it. This will eventually cause problems for Isabella in the end.
Bella is just like any other girl. She is rather ordinary. She isn’t a model, she is described as a pale young girl with brown hair. Any model I have seen or read about definitely isn’t pale. She is not an Olympic star, rather she is quite uncoordinated. As mentioned in the beginning she is an ordinary girl she just lives an extraordinary life.
Isabella is a girl that doesn’t go out on the weekends, she would rather sit at home and hang out with her family. She is not your typical teenage girl. She is shy and backwards. She goes to her first class in Forks and doesn’t talk to anyone, she barely tells the teacher she is there is shows no emotion.
On her first day she is sitting next to a rather odd character. He is a vampire, she was unaware of this fact. That is before her werewolf friend tries to get her away from him. Although, she doesn’t know that Jacob is a werewolf. She sits in her class while Edward stares are her and bites his lip and clenches the table. Bella also has a very appealing blood type to the vampires. Bella felt very awkward that this guys just stared at her the entire class. She didn’t want to sit there anymore as I said before she was very shy and didn’t talk much.
When Isabella officially is dating Edward she loses all of her friends. All she does is spend time with Edward and puts her “friends” on the back burner. She is so blinded by his love that she doesn’t need them. Her father is worried that she is going to get hurt.
He is right. Edward must leave Bella. He tells her that he doesn’t want to be with her anymore. This absolutely kills Bella she doesn’t want anything to do with anyone. She shuts down. She locks herself away from the world, she doesn’t eat or talk to her own father.
Bella is a very emotional character. As you can tell by the way the book describes her. She cannot seem to hold back the tears or laughter in any situation. Especially when it comes to her first and perfect love Edward Cullen. I…