Child Observation Report

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The worker contacted Jason Dejear who is the brother of Denesha Dejear. The worker asked Mr. Dejear if he has any safety concerns for the safety of the children in Ms. Dejear home. Mr. Dejear stated “No Denesha is a good parent she works, maintains her home, makes sure her kids are taken care of and doing what they’re supposed to do. The worker then asked when the last time he saw the children Arlissa and Lataveis was. Mr. Dejear stated “I saw Arlissa this weekend (1/7/17-1/8/17) she was with me and my mother while we were running errands. Arlissa was talking and play on her tablet she seemed to be behaving normally and in good health. I saw Latavies about a week ago he was doing fine we played basketball and talked about the NBA. Everything