Childcare: Communication and Staff Essay

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Assessment Task- SHC 31 Promote communication in health and social care or children’s young people’s settings.

Different reasons why people communicate:
Communication is the act of transferring a messages through people, it can be through verbal communication or non-verbal communication, and therefore they all will have a different response. Communication can vary from talking to a college or friend or emailing or texting someone. ‘Informal communications are unofficial messages not formally approved by the business, eg everyday conversation or gossip between staff’ (
There are many ways people communicate with others and it is also needed in a workplace to communicate with the children, other members of staff, your manager and the parents or carers of the children in a placement or even in a school. I think planning is important because you can plan your activities and how long they will last and what the child has to do it reach the goal or target at the end of the activities, in a nursery environment you could plan to do activities like painting a picture to try and courage them to get used to the idea of becoming creative and using their imagination to create a piece of artwork, they would have then reached their goal so you can praise the child and make them feel relieved.
The safety of the place you are working is to make sure that everything is safe and nothing can harm anyone such as the children and the staff or practioners that are working. A good way of communicating about is everything safe and secure, you can communicate with the other members of staff if not and you can also check that all of the fire exits are shut so a child cannot just disappear and walk out of the nursery and walk the streets alone as it can give you a bad name and it can make you look bad and non-professional.
The feelings of the children and the staff they can communicate because if you need someone to talk to because you are feeling down you can talk to the children and talk to them and support them with how they are feeling and even if it is really bad you want to tell their parents or carers then you can talk to