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The statutory setting I have chosen is Church Drive Primary School; I have gathered the following information; this service can be used by all parents and guardians of children aged 3 years of age to 12 years of age. Service users (parents/guardians) do not have to pay for the education of their child in this school as it is funded by the government to give children the right to an education.
Within this school there is a high quality of teaching and learning and support for all children, there is also excellent up-to-date facilities which enhance the quality of education at Church Drive one example is a large sports area in which physical education can commence if there is any case of bad weather. The school also offers a childcare programme called ‘Sunlight Buddies’ which includes child care for 3 to 12 year olds, which is available through school weeks from Monday to Friday and through the school holidays however this is funded by the service users.
All children who attend Church Drive Primary School are safe and cared for by qualified teachers between the hours of 9am until 3:30 in the afternoon however children can be cared for in the early hours of 7:50am if parents/guardian’s need to work thanks to a breakfast club (funded by the service users).
Whilst in school the children are offered hot school meals these are either funded by the government depending on the service user’s situation or paid for by the service users or an alternative is the children can be sent to school with a packed lunch. The younger children (3 to 5 year olds) are also offered snacks during their breaks.
This setting supports children through many ways such as finding out if any children need certain help with any learning problems or even family issues they will recognise if a child has any problems with reading for example and they will act in a way that suits the child whether this is through a common assessment framework (CAF) or simply supporting the child and helping them in certain subjects; they would inform the parents of this and they would also support them through giving them some advice on how to help the child to develop the skills they need at home.
The voluntary setting I have chosen is Girl Guides; I have gathered the following information; this service is the United Kingdom’s largest voluntary organisation for girls aged 10 – 14 and young women as volunteer workers only. Girl Guides is funded by small fundraising events ran by individual groups all across the country; also each group will donate money for each session, another way that they raise money is through public donations and sponsors.
The Guide programme is divided into five areas: discovery of new experiences and challenges, healthy lifestyles, global awareness, skills and relationships, celebrating diversity; within this the girls will take part in activities such as adventure sports to playing fun games, and from taking part in community action projects to performing arts and the facilities that are on offer are first aid and child support from the patrol leader.
Whilst the girls are in their groups during a session they do not need to stay with their parents the Guides work together in small groups or 'Patrols' with the support of an adult Leader who then have full responsibility of the group, depending on the size of the group there is usually 2 patrol leaders.

Each session is on for 2 hours once a week (times and days of the week depends on your area). The patrol leaders are the only people who will talk to the families to share information.
During the sessions some light refreshments will be offered such as drinks and biscuits.
The way that this setting helps to support the girls is through new experiences, the programme offers many skills including life skills which will help the girls to gain independence and will also reassure them to be able do things such as cook, sow and socialise the setting also supports the parents through