Childhood Essay

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4.2 describe how laws and codes of practice promote pupil well being and achievement

Data protection act 1998 – is to make sure children’s and young people’s records, reports and information are kept secure and only shared on a need to know basis and only be disclosed to people who are authorised. It is to make sure all information is current and of importance. This helps children’s achievement and well-being as it instills trust and a sense of security.

Children Act 2004 & 2006 – was first introduced to save children from harm and to develop the interests of children and young people, it was improved so the agencies who are there to protect children can share information so they can ensure children’s well being and safety. This was implemented through ‘every child matters’. Which are: be healthy, stay safe, enjoy and achieve, make a positive contribution and achieve economic well-being. The 2006 Act defines a new rule in connection to childcare for parents who wish to go back to work, also to ensure the childcare providers are fully trained. The act is aimed at improving the health, safety and the security of young children so they are able to achieve in their educational setting. It highlights why we need to protect and safeguard children and young people within the school. If a child should reveal any form of neglect or abuse; the school will have a procedure which they will have to follow, which could then lead to them being referred to social services or another association who is better equipped to