Essay on Children and Computers

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Topic: Children and Computers I. Introduction (paragraph 1) a. Hook: “The computer has been introduced into the early childhood education programs and elementary schools at the national level.” (brainy-child, “computers on your children”, May 26, 2010) b. Connecting information: many children begin to use computers at an early age, and children can use computers in negative and positive ways. c. Thesis statement: computers effect children in positive and negative manner such as, the negative effect from computer games and Internet on children, and the positive effect from computer on children's education. II. Body: a. Paragraph2 (first negative effect) topic sentence: The negative effect of computer games on
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In brief, internet effect children in negative way and damage their life. Last, computers can effects children’s education in three positive ways. First, Playing educational and calm games affect the young children brain in a positive manner. There are many games can help children's education. For example, "Games like WACKY WORD SEARCH, HANGAROO, etc. help children to increase their knowledge, and these games also make them sharp and increase their IQ level."( Wisdia “computer affects”, n.d.). These games can help children in their education, and give them more information. Also, intelligent games effect children's brain in positive manner, and make them more intelligent. Second, searching in sites that help children learn and increase their knowledge. For instance, login on translation and dictionary sites to get the meaning of the difficult words, and they can learn many languages from many sites such as, English, Arabic, French, and Germany. Moreover, children can get good information from the internet about science, animals, countries, and cultures. Third, children can do their homework on the computer. For example, writing paragraphs, making power points, and get answers from the internet. Indeed, computers effect children's education in positive way such as, playing intelligent games, using internet for translating, and getting information. In conclusion, children