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School Education Unreliability Jackson Smith has decided to buy a new quality gaming computer. Smith is a professional gaming enthusiast and requires a high end computer rig to win professional tournaments. He has chosen to buy a new computer from a website called IbuyPower for two thousand dollars. He chose to purchase a rig from this site based off of many satisfied reviews. They had it shipped to him in 3 days. As Jackson took a look at the box he noticed a large amount of dust and the package itself was partially damaged. Jackson disregarded these issues and opened the box and set up the computer. After installation of all the drivers to make the computer work, he decided to test the performance of his computer using 3d BenchMark 11. The results were out right dreadful. The score of this computer was less than his year and a half old computer that cost him one thousand and seven hundred dollars. Many highly acclaimed stores have deceived customers on the quality of their products. This poses a very hard obstacle for consumers. Who can be trusted? This problem is found frequently in the education system. Many teachers are not giving students an adequate education curriculum and do not attempt to keep the students full attention. “Eric Hanushek, an economist at Stanford, estimates that the students of a very bad teacher will learn, on average, half a year’s worth of material in one school year” (Gladwell). Children are easily distracted and uninterested in school and it requires the teacher to do his best to appeal to the childrens' vast attention span. According to research, teachers with higher education do not have higher testing students (Gladwell). Too often people assume with more education comes higher expertise. This is not the case here and the training system for teachers needs to be revamped. Teachers need to be evaluated on their resourcefulness during a class session to see if they are keeping the childrens' attention and proper teaching methods to ensure students can easily comprehend the lesson. This would require more work with the schools' administration Unfortunately, teachers are not the only ones at fault. The administration of schools are often not properly performing their job. There was a survey done that twenty five percent of educational employees are bullied by the administration (Long). Many teachers are being harassed by principals. Some excellent teachers are singled out by a principal and are accused of not performing their job well enough. There is also a problem with the the principals unwillingness to get rid of incompetent teachers with tenure. They often find it too difficult to remove them from their position and ignore the problem, and in the meanwhile the students education suffer. If we fired 10% of the current public school faculty, we would need a whopping 320,000 teachers to replace them. We don’t have that, and even if we had the numbers, we would have no assurance any of the new recruits would be more effective than those they are replacing" (Kwalwasser). It is not efficient just to replace bad faculty. Jackson Smith has decided to build his own computer. He has taken the responsibility to investigate each component and assure it will suit his needs. After properly researching each component he proceeded to buy the parts and assembled the computer.After all the installation and setup was done, he tested his new computer with 3D BenchMark. The computer’s score was magnificent. The computer he built for fifteen hundred dollars far exceeded his old computer’s score. This shows that one can only trust oneself for quality products. The only way students are assured a quality education is through personal determination and responsibility. “Motivation has weakened because more students (of all races and economic classes, let it be added) don’t like school, don’t work hard, and don’t do well” (Samuelson). Students do not find school a necessity in life. They feel like they