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Choosing the Right Candidate
DeVry University
SOCS350: Cultures Diversity
March 2014

Choosing the Right Candidate
Making the right decision as to whom to hire for the sales management position had its challenges. Many questions came to surface as I tried to figure out who would be the best candidate to join the organization.
All the candidates had great potential and the capability to meet the qualifications for the position. As I made my decision I considered the following aspects: who could display the most self-management skills and knowledge that would not require constant guidance, were they looking for the potential of growth, did the job meet their desires, would they be comfortable with the role and the company, and most importantly, which candidate would offer the most flexibility and not be overcome with the daily stress of the job requirements. According to Harvey (2011), “Considering employees as human capital means that an organization realizes the economic value of its employees and their role in achieving profits, innovation, productivity, and long-term growth” (p. 53).
As I took all these aspects into consideration, I also had to consider the diversity of ethnicities I was dealing with. Careful consideration was taken with my decision in attempts to avoid displaying any biasness or prejudice. One can attempt to accomplish this avoidance by examining “our own view of others, be they part of the minority or the majority group, a different social class, or a different gender” (Devryu, 2014).
After careful consideration, I chose Jyoti. Her current experience as a manager at a wireless retail store