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Group Case Analysis Report
Chip’s Recruiting and Selection Challenge

1. Of the final four remaining candidates, identify the bottom two candidates (those that you think should NOT be selected) and, for each, note why he/she should not be selected (one or two sentences is all that is needed).
-We believe that Andy Sanchez should not be chosen for the position at SG Cowen. Although he is fully qualified and has previously started his own business, he lied about his college GPA during his interview. His resume showed a 2.8 undergraduate GPA, while at some point in his interview, he said it was a 3.1. This behavior of lying indicates his incredibility from the beginning. If SG Cowen were to hire him, they would have the uncertainty of his truthfulness with them as well as with customers.
-Martin Street is our next candidate who interviewed with SG Cowen that we believe is not fit for the job. He has shown incredible leadership experience throughout his service in the military and his time at Wharton. They are very impressed with Martin except for the fact that he has no business experience. He also showed interest in other smaller firms indicating that he was unsure where he wanted to end up. SG Cowen may suffer if they intend to hire Martin because of his hesitation to quickly commit.
2. Name one good and one weak quality of the current hiring process seen in this case.
-A good quality SG Cowen exhibits in their hiring process is the fact that they recruit among the top business schools in the US. Choosing candidates from these schools will help ensure the company they made the right decision. Another good quality SG Cowen has in their hiring process is that they use the multiple-hurdle model, which is the process of arriving at a selection decision by eliminating some candidates at each stage in the selection process.
- A weakness the company has in selecting a candidate is that they are