The Importance Of The Priesthood

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While I was reading the talk that Brother Stewart gave us for our topic, which is titled “Who honors God, God honors”, I kept getting the overall theme of using the Priesthood. I couldn't help but think “What does this have to do with me, anyway? I don't hold the Priesthood” But the more I studied, the more I realized that this was a great opportunity for me to learn more about the Priesthood and what it means for me in this Church. Sheri Dew said “Endowed, covenant-keeping women have direct access to priesthood power for their own lives. The challenge and opportunity for each woman is to learn what that means and how to access that power." I think that sometimes we get caught up in thinking that the Priesthood is only for the men in this church. John A. Widstoe told us that “Priesthood is to be used for the benefit of the entire human family, for the upbuilding of men, women, and children alike. There is indeed no privileged class or sex within the true Church of Christ. … Men have their work to do and their powers to exercise for the benefit of all the members of the Church. So with woman: Her special gifts are to be exercised for the benefit and uplift of the race. There are many ways we can all work to make our homes a place where God's power can be felt. Richard G. Scott said “The family and the home are the foundation of the righteous life. The priesthood is the power and the priesthood line is the means provided by the Lord to support the family. Our homes can be, and should be, a refuge and a sanctuary from the troubled world we live in, only made stronger by the Priesthood. As I was thinking about this, I realized that I must work to support and honor the Priesthood by making our home a refuge and a sanctuary. In a 1983 talk by President James E. Faust, he taught us seven ways to enrich our homes and family to honor and support the Priesthood. They are:

First, hold family prayer night and morning. The source of our enormous Individual strength and potential is no mystery. It is an endowment from God. To make us capable of meeting life’s problems, we need only to draw constantly from the power source through humble prayer. Every time Matt and I pray together, I feel more love for him. Sometimes at the end of the night when we are both so tired from the long day before us, it is too tempting to just get into bed and fall asleep. I have a testimony that when we make the time to pray to our Heavenly Father, we will receive guidance and Priesthood blessings in our home. Second, study the scriptures. All of us need the strength that comes from daily reading of the scriptures. It seems every time I read the scriptures, I learn something new. I am always amazed when what I just read has to do with a certain situation or struggle in my own life. I know Heavenly Father sent us his teachings, that we may learn and grown from them. Third, teach children to work. Every household has routine daily chores that children can be responsible for. Matt and I haven't had any kids yet, but I remember a feeling of peace in my home growing up when each of my brothers and sisters and I had a