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Diabetes is a disease that causes the level of sugar or glucose in the blood to be abnormally high. There are two types of diabetes. Type I diabetes is when there is a deficiency of insulin that regulates the blood sugar levels. This form of diabetes only makes up for 5% of diabetes cases. There is also Type II diabetes. Type II diabetes is more common and occurs when the level of sugar is either low, normal, or high. The body does not respond well to insulin and then becomes partially resistant to the effects of insulin. The disease can be caused by the body’s resistance to insulin which causes the blood sugar to rise. The body will eventually start to make more insulin.

There are several risk factors associated with having diabetes. Some of these risk factors cannot be controlled. Genetics and family history is a risk factor that cannot be controlled. If you are African American you are at a higher risk for Type II diabetes. African Americans are 1.8% more likely to develop diabetes compared to other races. Having a family history of the disease also puts a person at a higher risk. Another risk factor that cannot be controlled is environmental exposures. Environmental exposures play a big role in Type I diabetes. Environmental exposures are contaminants that include: air pollution, arsenic, cadmium, mercury, and many others.

There are risk factors that can be controlled such as: behavior, diet, exercise, and tobacco smoke. Changing behaviors can decrease your chances of getting the disease. A change in behavior can be drinking fewer alcohol beverages. Alcoholic beverages should be consumed in moderation. Dietary changes can lower the risk of getting the disease. Increasing physical activity can also reduce the risk of getting diabetes. Tobacco smoke is something that can be controlled in order to reduce the risks of getting diabetes.

Even though, I am a healthy person there are some lifestyle choices that can help to decrease my modifiable risk for Type II diabetes. I can start by getting a screening done with my healthcare provider. Getting a screening test is a great way to increase my awareness of the disease and keeps me informed. The test can be easily done and is not expensive. Testing is effective