Chronological Résumé

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A chronological résumé is the format commonly used by recruiters and companies since it helps job hunters who wish to stay in the same line of work and at the same level of employment. Moreover, the majority of job seekers prefer this format since it contains all industries and levels of experience. Furthermore, this format may not work for individuals that have work history gaps or regularly change jobs. On the other hand a functional résumé centers skills and experience, rather than work history. This type of format helps job seekers who are changing occupations or those who have gaps in their employment history. In addition, a combination resume is prepared in two pages. The first part highlights skills and accomplishments. The second part …show more content…
For a chronological résumé, two good pros and cons are as follows:
It is an organized document, making us look professional. Additionally, organization makes it easy for possible employers to look our past job history which is another great pros. Furthermore, some of the cons are that this type of resume provides work history. In that case, it could not be good for someone with not a solid work history. Additionally, too much detail it is also consider a cons. For Functional résumé, two good pros and cons are as follows:

First, it is very useful for someone who is looking to change occupations. Additionally, is a great pros that this type of resume focuses on our skills and abilities, rather than employment history. In addition, some of the cons are that certain businesses do not like a functional resume; they find it somewhat hard to understand. On the other hand, by not having no employment history can give a red flag for employers who do not know what my job experience are.

For Combination résumé, two good pros and cons are as