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When establishing an online profile in applying for a job, it is imperative for one to pay close attention when implementing the content, layout & appearance of the profile. The reason behind this is, not only the employers have access this information, but the public in general. While building my profile, I decided to give it a professional feel by updating my photo with a more competent look, structuring the design in an organized manner. I attained this by aligning my information in chronological order & avoiding controversial material, for example, derogatory statements, awkward images, etc. Perception is paramount in setting up a profile as any slight inaccuracy of data can cost someone potential employment.
In the world of cyber security, the job market is very competitive & employers demand unique individuals who possess substantial qualifications suitable for the job. As far as disclosing my general info, for example, my resume, personal information, additional data, I resolved to keep it succinct while elaborating my work experience & education information in a more intricate manner. I accomplished this by including a concise profile summary of my work ethic, certifications to add more weight to my resume, extensive skills & expertise to display precise knowledge about the job. I like to surmise that if I were the job recruiter looking to hire a prospective employee, I wouldn’t want to be consumed with apathy while analyzing a profile. I would prefer one that indulges the eye with straightforward material, professional presentation & analytical.
Deferring to personal data, I determined that I would only include marital status & email contact info as other information i.e. date of birth, family information, contact number etc., are sensitive data. Since it’s a public domain, this information is susceptible to third party accessibility hence